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WooCommerce Thank You Page Plugin, Customize or Redirect to any page Version 1.0.1

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Personalise customer shopping experience with post purchase redirection

Woocommerce Thankyou page plugin allows you to create beautiful post purchase “Thankyou” pages and redirect users to that page to improve their shopping experience.

  • Personalize the display of customers and order details
  • Add social box and upselling section
  • Set General Thank you Page or redirection for any payment method
  • Configure General Thank You page or redirections for all products

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.1
Last update: Version History
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Main Features

Create and personalize multiple thank you pages for your online store by using WooCommerce thank you page plugin. Attach each custom thank you page to selected products, categories, or payment methods. You can set redirections to take customers from default thank you page to a specific product, category, or external link. As part of the global settings, you can set a general thank you page for all the store products or payment methods or redirect customers accordingly. Enable a social box and upselling section, and personalize the display of orders and customer details.

Add and Personalize Multiple Thank You Pages

Customize Thank You pages for selected products, categories, payment methods

Redirect Customers to any product, category, custom page, external link

Create and Customize Multiple Thank You Pages

WooCommerce custom thank you page plugin helps you to create multiple thank you pages for your online store. You can try various customization options to make every page look different and engaging.

Add Thank You Pages for Specific Products or Payment Methods

You can attach each ‘Thank You’ page to selected products, categories, or payment methods with the help of WooCommerce thank you page plugin. This helps toredirect customers from a specific product or payment method to land on a more relevant thank you page.

Manage Multiple Rules for Thank You Pages

You can manage the multiple rules for adding Thank you pages to products, categories, and payment methods. Define priorities for the rules to avoid any conflict in displaying multiple thank you pages on a product or payment method.

Display General Thank You Page to All Store Products

You can configure a general Thank You page for all the products in your store or set redirections to take all the customers from general Thank You page to a custom page, product, category, or external link.

Add General Thank You or Redirection on any Payment Method

Show the general Thank you page on any Payment method or redirect the customers to a product, category, or external link using WooCommerce redirect thank you plugin.

Personalize Order Details for Custom Thank You Page

Use customization settings to improve the display of order details on custom thank you page. You can enable header, order table, and customer details, or change the font weight, size, and color for the title.

Enable Social box and UpSelling Section for Thank You Page

With WooCommerce thank you page plugin, you can display a customizable social box on Thank You page that highlights your social media accounts on the custom thank you page. Add an UpSelling section to display more products to sell and generate revenues.

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