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Variations Swatches as Radio Buttons for WooCommerce Version 1.0.2

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WooCommerce Variations Swatches as Radio Button

The WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin allows you to replace dropdown fields on product variations with custom variation swatches, such as radio buttons with colors, images, and text labels.

  • Show product variations as radio buttons
  • Design radio buttons with colors, images, or text labels
  • Map product attributes with radio button types
  • Add radio buttons to all or selected variable products

What's included

  • Quality checked by WooCommerce
  • Future updates


  • 6 months of support from Extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.2
Last update:2023-08-17 Version History
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Main Features

WooCommerce swatches plugin enables you to transform product variations into visually appealing swatches that seamlessly blend with your theme. It allows you to Present radio buttons in the form of text labels, images, or colors instead of the default, traditional select dropdowns. This approach simplifies the user experience and eliminates any potential confusion regarding the availability of a product with its necessary attributes.

Product variations as radio buttons

Colors Radio Buttons

Images Radio Buttons

Text Labels Radio Buttons

Responsive Design

Display Product Variation Swatches as Radio Buttons

WooCommerce variation swatches simplify user navigation on the shop page, you can display variation swatches as radio buttons. Instead of the default dropdown selection, you can add different types of attribute swatches, such as images, colors, or text labels.

Make the Product Variation Image Stand Out

The WooCommerce variation swatches plugin allows you to highlight product variations using image radio buttons. You can place these buttons beneath the gallery images on the shop page. When users hover over or click on the buttons, they can preview the product variations. This allows users to quickly preview product variations without leaving the shop page.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches for Out-of-Stock Products

The WooCommerce variations as radio buttons plugin allows you to display multiple radio buttons for out-of-stock products. It enables you to hide, blur, or cross out variations that are out of stock to let your customers know if a product variation is not available.

Display Swatches Buttons for All or Selected Products

The variation swatches for WooCommerce plugin lets you display radio buttons on selective product variations. You can choose to display radio buttons on all variable products, all variable products except for specific products, or specific variable products.

Change the Shape and Size of radio buttons

WooCommerce variation swatches and photos plugin lets you customize the shape and size of the radio buttons. You can choose between round and square buttons, and you can set the width and height. This way, you can create radio buttons according to your preference.

Enable Swatches Border and Tooltips

The WooCommerce color swatches plugin lets you customize the look of the radio buttons. You can add a border, change the border radius, and enable tooltips. It allows you to align radio buttons with your website's appearance and makes product variations easier to understand.

Personalize Variation Swatches Images

The WooCommerce variation swatches and photos plugin lets you customize how product variation images are displayed. You can display the images by clicking on the image swatches or hovering over them.

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