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WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin, Magnify Zoom on Hover & Click Version 1.0.4

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Reassure Your Customers with WooCommerce image Zoom that Provides Superior Product Visualization!

You can use WooCommerce product zoom Plugin to reassure your customers that they are buying the right product from you. It provides superior visualization and seamless zooming features that allow your customers to zoom in on the image and see every detail of the product.

  • Include & exclude zooming options for specific products
  • Enable lightbox zoom & magnifier for product page
  • Various magnifying options i.e., zoom in, zoom out, fade in, & more
  • 360° product view

What's included

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates


  • 6 months of support from extendons

Details and Compatibility

Version:Version 1.0.4
Last update:2022-03-07 Version History
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Powerful Features!

WooCommerce zoom magnifier is a powerful tool that provides superior product vacuolation and seamless magnifying features i.e., lightbox, 360° Zoom, & more. It will show you clear and magnified product visuals after mouse hovering. You can enable lightbox preview to show a zoom-in product view to your customers. It will show them every detail of your product.
Moreover, you can let your customers see the product from every angle with 360° zoom. In addition, they can zoom the product from any angle they want. As a result, your customers can check out the product sharply from any side, which will increase your customer's confidence and trust in your products.

Download WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugin

Enable magnifier to magnify product images

Set Lightbox to display the images in attractive lightbox

Zoom on Hover Option Draw Your Customer's Attention!

WooCommerce product image zoom plugin allows your customers to see an enlarged image of your product on hovering. It contains various magnifiers i.e., tint, zoom in, zoom out, lens zoom, fading, easing, mouse wheel zoom, & image constraint. You can customize the magnifier too. It will help you grab your customer's attention & give them a signal on what’s checkable.

Show Full-Size Product Image in Lightbox to Increase Your Sales!

A clear and full-size image is worth a thousand words to get your customer's attention and trust. WooCommerce zoom plugin allows you to show your product’s full-size image in a lightbox. It will appear when customers click the product. They can click the forward button to see different images. Furthermore, your customers can also check out the enlarged image in a light box from the collection page. The more you give a detailed visualization of your product to customers, the more they buy from you.

Give a Better Product View to Your Customers from Every Angle!

WooCommerce image zoom plugin provides 360° visualization of your image. It will help your customers see the product from every angle. Upload at least 16 pictures in sequence to enable a 360° preview. It will increase your customer’s confidence and help them decide to buy your product.

Enable & Disable Zooming to the products of your choice!

You can apply zooming options to all products or use them on specific products. The WooCommerce zoom product image plugin excludes zooming from specific products and categories. You can exclude the zooming if you don’t want to apply it to some products.

Install WooCommerce Image Zoom on your Store to Increase your Sales!

The detailed visualization of your product builds your customer’s trust and confidence to buy from you. Add the WooCommerce zoom magnifier plugin to your store and increase your sales.

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