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Sell Variable-Sized Products with WooCommerce Measurment price calculator

Sell Variable-Sized Products with WooCommerce Measurment Price Calculator

Is your product price based on the size, weight, dimension, area, or volume of the product? If so, you need a WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin. With this, you can charge for WooCommerce products by length, width, area, volume, weight, and other dynamic factors. Customers can get instant pricing for any made-to-measure or cut-to-size product by entering their desired measurements into the WooCommerce pricing calculator.

The default pricing options in WooCommerce won’t work for customized products and dynamic measurement-based pricing. With this plugin, you can automate the pricing process, improve the customer experience, and increase sales. We will explore the features of WooCommerce price calculator plugin and their advantages in this article.

What is a WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin?

The price calculator for WooCommerce enables shoppers to choose the measurement unit for a product when they make a purchase. Here’s how it works:

  1. First of all, users enter their required measurements into number fields found within a calculator form on the product’s page.
  1. Then the plugin utilizes the formula and automatically calculates the product price based on the specific dimension the customer has provided. It can also convert the product into different variable units and calculate the product price.
  1. The calculated price will be visible to the customer on the product page upon providing the variable dimensions. 
  1. Customers will be charged for the calculated amount when they add the item to their cart and proceed to checkout.
  1. Allow discounts on the products when customers purchase a specific quantity of the product. You can display it in the pricing table.
  1. The order notification email both the customer and store owner will receive will contain the measurement details. With the help of this information, you can proceed to create the product, according to its specific measurements.

WooCommerce cost calculator proves advantageous for stores specializing in custom-made products with pricing dependent on dimensions, weight, or volume. For example, if you operate a business focused on fabrics, floor tiles, or any other commodity, you need this plugin. It enables you to sell products in units such as yards, inches, square feet, kilograms, etc. You can also set the metric system as per your personal preference.

Benefits of using a WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

Here are some of the ways in which a WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin can benefit your store.

  • Customers can get an instant quote for the product they want by entering the required measurements. This saves them time and effort from having to contact customer support or wait for a quote.
  • Your customers will be able to buy what they want by providing instant and accurate pricing.
  • When customers can see the price of a product before they purchase it, they are more likely to buy it.
  • The plugin can help you to simplify inventory management by automatically calculating the price of a product based on the entered measurements. 
  • Most measurement price calculator plugins are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It allows you to create a personalized pricing system.

How to setup and configure WooCommerce Pricing Calculator

WooCommerce by default can handle simple pricing methods. To handle complex pricing for variable-sized products measurement price calculator WooCommerce by Extendons can assist very effectively. To install the plugin you must have a working and latest version of the WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. Follow the steps below to install the cost calculator WooCommerce.

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard.
  • Head to the Plugins tab.
  • Click Install Plugins and click Add New
  • Then click the Upload Plugin button
  • Navigate the. ZIP on your computer and click Install Now
  • When the installation is done please click Activate to enable the plugin
WooCommerce Pricing calculator setup

How to Configure Plugin

To configure the extension, go to WooCommerce > Products within the WordPress admin panel and click on any product. Change the product data to Extendons Measurement and configure the product.

Confuguration of WooCommerce measurement price calculator

How to Add Products with Pricing Calculator Enabled

Click on the product button from WordPress Admin Panel. Here you will see the list of the products in your store. Edit any product to continue.

Now scroll down to the Product Data and change it from Simple Product to Extendons Measurement.

After changing the Product Data to Extendons Measurement, you will see two tabs i.e Extendons Measurement and Min/Max Quantity Value.

Add WooCommerce price calculator to products

Extendons Measurement Settings

Click on the Extendons measurement settings, you will find two more tabs Extendons measurement settings and Extendons pricing table. In the measurement settings, you will find the following settings.

Measurements: You can set the unit of measurement of your choice on the specific product. There are multiple options such as weight, length, volume, and many more.

Show Product Price Per Unit: Check the box to display product pricing per unit on the front end.

Pricing Label: Set the pricing label and display it next to the product price on the front end.

Label: Add a custom label to display on the product page.

Input Unit: You can set the dimension input unit to define the pricing.

Output Unit: Specify the pricing by selecting the output unit.

Extendons Measurement Settings

Extendons Pricing Table

Extendons pricing table enables you to display the pricing table at the front end on the products page. You can set the product measurement range and price per unit. You can also offer discounts to the customers by adding the sale price per unit. When the customers purchase within the range they can get a discount on purchase.

Measurement price calculator Table

Min/Max Quantity & Value

These settings allow you to set the price of the product and the minimum quantity of the product a customer should purchase. You can also set the maximum quantity range a customer is allowed to purchase. Some of the settings are

Minimum Price: Set the minimum price for the product measurement. If the customer’s product quantity does not exist in the ranges then the minimum price will apply.

Maximum Quantity: Set the maximum quantity of the product allowed to purchase.

Minimum Quantity: Set the minimum quantity that should be purchased at least by the customer.

Set minimum and maximum quantity

Summing up

WooCommerce’s default pricing options are not enough for customized products and measurement-based pricing. However, the WooCommerce pricing calculator can help you improve the shopping experience for your customers by making it easier for them to calculate the price of a variable-sized product. We have explored the features and benefits of the WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin. By using this plugin, you can ensure that your customers get accurate and instant pricing.

Sell Variable-Sized Products with WooCommerce Measurment Price Calculator