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Ways to Customize WooCommerce Product Page

10 Ways to Customize WooCommerce Product Page


WooCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, empowers businesses to tailor their product pages. In the dynamic world of e-commerce, presenting your products effectively is crucial for success. For WooCommerce users, customization is the key to creating a unique and engaging product page. Let’s explore ten ways to customize your WooCommerce product page and boost your online business.

Benefits of Customization

Improved User Experience

Customizing your product page can enhance the overall user experience. When you can customize the way things look, it helps users find what they want easily and makes buying stuff easy.  Users enjoy exploring a user-friendly product page more, spend more time looking at your offerings if its interface is friendly and easy to use.

Increased Brand Identity

The customization process is not just about enhancing a website visually, but integrating your brand identity into every aspect of your online presence as well. Consistency in branding across your website fosters not only brand recognition but also a deep sense of familiarity and trust among your customers. With every customization decision you make, your brand’s values are communicated.

Higher Conversion Rates

At the core of any online store’s objectives is the conversion of visitors into customers, and customization emerges as a powerful catalyst in achieving this goal. Customizing the layout of your product pages directly impacts conversion rates. Having a visual product page that is well organized and attractive will not only catch visitors’ attention but assist them in making a decision.

Enhanced Product Presentation

Customization enables you to showcase your products in the best light. High-quality images, engaging descriptions, and strategic placement contribute to a compelling product presentation, attracting potential buyers. You can add product videos, sliding product images, and many more to enhance your product presentation. It engages customers which could lead to conversion.

Ways to Customize WooCommerce Product Page

1. Add Mix and Match Product Boxes

Make your product page stand out with mix and match. Allow customers to create custom bundles or choose from predefined sets of products. This not only adds an element of personalization but also encourages customers to explore and purchase complementary items together. You can enable customers to create product boxes with the WooCommerce mix and match plugin. It also allows you to easily customize the layout and colors according to your preferences.

2. Display Variation Swatches

Upgrade the visual appeal of your product variations by using WooCommerce variation swatches. Instead of a traditional dropdown menu, display color, size, or other attribute options as swatches. This makes the selection process more engaging and efficient, especially for products with multiple variations. As you can easily see the out of stock variation swatch, minimizes customer confusion. This not only saves customers time but also enhances the visual appearance of your product page. 

3. Direct Checkout on the Product Page

Streamline the purchase process by allowing customers to check out directly from the product page. Skip the additional steps of navigating to the cart, making the buying journey more straightforward and reducing the chances of cart abandonment. You can achieve this with the WooCommerce direct checkout plugin. It allows you different methods to directly checkout to works effectively on different types of stores.

4. WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-Sells

Leverage upselling and cross-selling strategies directly on the product page. Showcase related products, complementary items, or upgraded versions to encourage customers to add more to their cart. This not only boosts sales but also provides a more comprehensive shopping experience. WooCommerce by default provides the cross-sell opportunity however, you can manage them more effectively with a plugin.

5. Display Custom Fields

Customize your product pages to include custom fields, providing additional product options that matter to your customers. Whether it’s product dimensions, material options, or any other addons. It allows customers to customize the product according to their preferences. WooCommerce product addons allow you to effortlessly add and display these custom fields

6. Incorporate User Reviews and Testimonials:

Allow your customers to share their experiences by prominently displaying user reviews and testimonials on your product pages. Positive feedback serves as a trust signal for potential buyers, influencing their purchasing decisions. WooCommerce provides built-in features for managing and showcasing customer reviews, helping you build credibility and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

7. Product Videos

Engage your customers with dynamic content by incorporating product videos on your WooCommerce product pages. A well-crafted video can showcase the features, benefits, and real-world use of your products. Whether it’s a demonstration, unboxing, or a lifestyle video, this multimedia approach provides a more immersive shopping experience, helping customers make informed decisions.

8. Integrate Social Media Buttons

Enhance the social reach of your products by integrating social media buttons directly on your product pages. Allow customers to share their favorite items with their network, expanding your brand’s visibility and potentially attracting new customers. You can also incentivize your customers by sharing the product through social channels which can boost your sales.

9. Display Custom Product Tabs

Organize product information efficiently by creating custom tabs on your WooCommerce product pages. Instead of overwhelming customers with a long list of details, categorize information into tabs such as description, specifications, and many more. It not only improves the overall layout of the page but also makes it easier for customers to find specific information.

10. Customize the Add to Cart Button

Make your Add to Cart button stand out with customization. Adjust the color, size, or shape to draw attention to this crucial call to action. Additionally, consider adding hover effects or animations to make the button more interactive, enticing customers to proceed to checkout. You can also apply links on the add to cart button to redirect the customer directly to the checkout page or any custom page with the help of WooCommerce plugins.


In conclusion, customization is not just a feature; it’s a strategic necessity for WooCommerce users. Implementing these ten customization strategies will not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to higher conversion rates and increased brand loyalty. Take the time to tailor your product page, and watch as your online store stands out in the crowded digital marketplace.

10 Ways to Customize WooCommerce Product Page