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Best WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Plugins 2022

Are you looking to provide your WooCommerce customers with various additional options for customizing their items?

The WooCommerce product add-ons plugin is the best solution to add extra options to your products. It allows your customers to customize products easily with additional form fields. Adding this feature to your site will also greatly enhance the customer experience your website.

In this article we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce product add-ons plugins that you can use for your site. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the plugin that best meets your needs.

WooCommerce Custom Product Addons

You can increase your sales by offering more customized products with the WooCommerce Product Addons plugin. You can add fields that describe a product’s features using a global option that can be applied to multiple products and categories. Customers can be charged per option, and these options are displayed on the checkout page as well.  Fields can be displayed based on conditional logic in this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Addons


  • Supports 14 different field types to add extra product options 
  • Specify the custom field price type as Fixed or Percentage
  • Display fields according to conditional logic.
  • Data about customers against custom options appears in the backend
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes can be customized with images

This plugin is available for $29 with a Regular License.

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin

This plugin allows you to improve your store’s customer experience and average order on your store. A unique feature of this add-on is that you can add unlimited blocks of options to your products. A product page can contain a variety of field types, including radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down fields, text input fields, etc. An individual product may be priced differently, discounted or free depending on your preference.


  • Display unlimited options on specific products.
  • Different field types can be used to add product addons.
  • Set fixed or percentage price for each option
  • Create rules to show and hide options based on dependencies.
  • WPML compatibility is supported by the plugin

Add unlimited options to your products with this add-on for $99 for a single site today.

PH WooCommerce Product Addon

WooCommerce Product Addon is a powerful tool that helps you offer customizable WooCommerce products and improve your customers’ shopping experience. With this plugin, you can add additional options to your products, such as color, size, and style, and provide your customers with a wide range of choices. The plugin is easy to use and offers a wide range of features that make it the ideal tool for enhancing your online store.

PH Addons


  • Create product add-ons easily and quickly
  • Add multiple options to your products, including text, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more
  • Display product add-ons on the cart and checkout pages to increase conversion rates
  • Offer conditional logic to display product add-ons based on customer choices, which enhances the user experience
  • Enable add-ons to be displayed on variable products, which gives customers more options to choose from
  • Configure add-on pricing for each product, which enables you to set up flexible pricing options to suit your business needs
  • Add custom CSS to style your add-ons, which allows you to customize the look and feel of your products
  • Multi-language support, which makes it easy to use for customers from different regions.

The price of a Basic License for this plugin is $49 and for a premium is $149.00.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This plugin works best if you want to add product variations to your store. The custom fields add-on package includes 16 advanced options, such as check boxes, dropdown fields, and radio buttons, etc. Furthermore, conditional logic is used to streamline the shopping experience for customers. Customers can customize their product choice with this Ultimate add-on. Unlike generic plugins, it gives customers additional control over choosing the products they wish to purchase. Fields and costs can be added flexibly depending on your store strategy. Customers’ choice will automatically determine final product price with dynamic pricing features.


  • Apply 16 field types for extra product options.
  • Product-specific or global field additions are possible
  • Support dynamic pricing  on your products
  • Offer customers extra customization options for products
  • Conditional logic and advanced features are available

The price of a Basic License for this plugin is $69 and for premium is $119.00.

Extra Product Options WooCommerce 

A well-optimized WooCommerce plugin that adds custom product fields to your product pages. With 13 different field types, the plugin allows you to add more options to your WooCommerce product pages. New custom fields in this plugin include a text password field, a telephone field check box, and a group date color picker radio button. The display styles you choose for your store can also be customized based on conditional logic. Premium version of the plugin lets you add prices to any custom product field.


  • Lets you add advanced fields to your WooCommerce Store 
  • Two Sections can be created to place the additional fields
  • Create display rules of custom fields values 
  • Validate the same value in two fields using the Confirm Validator.
  • Set a price for your custom product fields in a variety of ways

In the WordPress plugin repository, the plugin is available for free download.

Product Addons for Woocommerce Plugin

You can add extra custom fields to your product pages easily by using this plugin. It is possible to collect additional information from customers during a purchase using this plugin. You can customize the colors, number of characters, radio checkboxes, hidden fields, and radio checkboxes in this plugin. In addition, the plugin offers a Drag & Drop form builder, which makes it easy for new users to use.  In the plugin’s premium version, you’ll get upload fields, price options, conditional logic for your products, and image selectors.


  • With the drag & drop form builder, you can easily add extra product options
  • Supports 20+ field types
  • There is an option for UX-oriented design
  • Contains HTML tags
  • It is Highly customizable

The lite version of the plugin is free.

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

It is an Easy-to-use and beautiful backend builder similar to Advanced Custom Fields. The plugin offers nine options including text fields, text areas, email addresses, true/false validation, etc.  The plugin provides numerous features such as multiple field types, conditional logic, and dynamic pricing for products. You can choose which products should have additional options displayed through the plugin. The premium version adds color swatches, paragraphs, image fields, and sectioning within sections.


  • Multiple field types to set up additional product options.
  • Customers can upload one or more files on the product page.
  • Set discounts on the options 
  • WooCommerce cart price changes are possible
  • The tax settings for WooCommerce are compatible with this plugin
  • Support compatibility with WPML

The premium version is priced at $49 and the basic version is available for free.

Final thoughts 

The plugins provided here are fully functional and detailed so you can offer great flexibility to enhance the customer experience and revenue on your website. Hopefully, these WooCommerce Product Add-On Plugins will make customizing your products a breeze.

Best WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Plugins 2022