WooCommerce vs Shopify vs Magento: Comparison

To build a solid business foundation, many businesses consider choosing the best eCommerce platform. You face a huge challenge when it comes to deciding which e-commerce platform to use, especially if you want to be budget-friendly, have great support, and scale easily. It is very essential to start with the right eCommerce platform otherwise the […]

How to Restrict Shipping Methods in Magento 2

An effective shipping strategy is important for any E-Commerce store to reduce cost and risk. There are cases when a specific shipping method or a carrier has to be restricted. Sometimes a shipping method to a particular country/location needs to be restricted due to the high shipping cost. Other times, a shipping method has to […]

How to Restrict Payment Options by Shipping Methods


For many ecommerce merchants, optimizing payment and shipping options is critical for serving their different customers. This ensures a smooth flow of operations, reducing unnecessary shipping costs, streamlining the logistics process, and improving the customers shopping experience. However, serving multiple options may also cost higher to the business. In such situations, store owners need to […]

How to Create Pre-Order Products in Magento 2

The best way to create pre-order products in Magento is to use an extension that enables you to create & sell pre-orderable products. Magento 2 Pre Order extension by FME is the best featured-rich extension which allows you to create pre-order products in your e-store, so that your customers can order the products that are […]

How to Create & Configure Gift Cards in Magento 2


Gift cards are important for e-commerce stores to increase sales on special occasions. It allows you to entice your existing customers to bring new ones by sending them exciting gifts on occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays etc. It also saves their time by setting them free from the hassle of selecting gift cards […]

How to Allow Backorders in Magento 2

A backorder means an order for a product that is temporarily out of stock. In the E-commerce field, backorders are important to merchants as they don’t want to stop their customers from ordering products of their interest even if they are not available for the time being. E-commerce platforms provide options to configure backorders. In […]

How to Add Custom Field to Registration Form in Magneto 2

Since the default Magento user registration form comes with predefined fields, for many merchants it does not fulfill the different requirements of their online stores. In this article, we will show you how to add custom fields to Magento 2 registration form using the Custom Registration Fields extension. You can collect any type of information […]

How to Add Custom Field to Checkout in Magento 2

It is sometimes important for Magento 2 store owners to add custom fields to their checkout page in order to collect extra details from customers. These details help them understand the customer’s needs and make important business decisions. With the default Magento 2 offering a limited set of standard checkout fields, it is essential to […]