Revenue Drivers

Sales and Marketing is a complex and competitive category that every online business needs for building and maintaining its competitive edge. In eCommerce, showcasing your offerings matter significantly and without a proper presentation you may never be able to convert a customer. Therefore, many WooCommerce site owners struggle in finding multi-channel marketing tools that can cater a mix of services from Sales, Social Media, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Customer Buying Experience.

The good news is that Extendons is chock-full of plugins that can help you optimize your products by adding custom options, selling them in bundles, showcasing them in sliders, generating reviews, FAQs and recommendations. Our library includes the QC passed, tested and marketplace certified plugins to help you boost your store revenues and create a formidable brand presence.

All our plugins are designed to serve as a core toolkit for WooCommerce merchants to ensure every aspect of their sales strategy is optimized while complimenting their business model.We make sure that every dollar you spend gives you the maximum return on investment so your business goals are met with success and prosperity without wasting any additional effort.


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