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OpenCart Testimonials Plus

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Display Client Testimonials on a Single Page

Customer Feedback Extension for OpenCart allows you to display product testimonials and reviews posted by users on a single landing page.

  • Quick “Add Testimonials” button on the landing page.
  • Show customer reviews alongside testimonials.
  • Allow guest users to post testimonials.

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Main Features

OpenCart Customer Testimonials Extension adds a separate landing page to your website that displays all the customer testimonials. Users can quickly add testimonials by clicking on the “Add Testimonials” button, which opens up a form in a slide-down manner. Testimonials are shown with images, short descriptions, and star ratings. Users can click on the read more link to view further details on a separate page, as the landing page only displays a brief description. Admin can configure the SEO settings for the landing page, allow guests to post testimonials, and enable moderation.

Display Testimonials on a Separate Page

The OpenCart customer reviews extension allows you to display customer testimonials on a separate landing page. Display all testimonials and reviews on a single page alongside images, user ratings, and short descriptions, and read more links.

Quick “Add Testimonial” Button

Easily add testimonials by clicking on the “add testimonial” button. The button will open a form, which users can fill out to easily submit their testimonials or reviews. You can even allow guest users to submit reviews or testimonials.

Show Additional Information with Testimonials

With the OpenCart testimonial module you can display additional information alongside testimonials. Show user rating, embed read more link, upload avatar image, select specific store, and a short description.

Add Testimonials from the Backend

Easily add customer testimonials from the backend. You can add customer name, email, company name, website, and testimonial description. This way you can add custom testimonials to your website for greater visibility and positive perception.

Moderate All Testimonials

Admin can moderate all testimonials or reviews from the backend. Decide which testimonials to display in your store and remove the ones you don’t prefer.

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