WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator


Main Features

WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin allows you to automate product pricing by its measuring units. It empowers you to sell products by its volume, area, weight and dimensions. Once you specify a measuring unit for a product and the price per unit, the plugin automatically calculates the total amount a user have to pay. You can also create a pricing table for each product that specify the price per unit and a discounted price for a specific range of units. Download WooCommerce Price Calculator Plugin

Auto-calculate product price by its measuring units

Define a minimum product price per unit​

Create pricing tables for costing difference ranges of units​

Set measuring units for a product in weight, area, volume or dimensions

Add measurement units like meter, foot, sq yard, kg, etc.

Add product variations

What Makes People Fall In Love With WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Adds Pricing Calculator to Product Pages

WooCommerce price calculator plugin enables a pricing calculator for products which you can add on all or specific products as well. It auto calculates and display the price when customers specify the units of products they needed.

Sell Products by Weight

You can sell products by weight by using WooCommerce pricing calculator. For example, you can sell rice in KG, gold in OZ, cakes in lbs etc. It enables various units to sell products by weight such as KG, lb, g, mg, t, and oz.

Product Pricing by Area

With the help of WooCommerce price calculator plugin, you can sell products by area such as land in sq.m, room wallpapers in sq. ft, fabrics in sq. yd etc. You can choose from the list of units to sell products by area, units included are sq. mm, sq. cm, sq. m, sq. km, sq. in, sq. ft, sq. yd, and sq. mi. You can either get single dimensions (sq. ft) from customers or you can get double dimensions (L x W) as well.

Set Product Pricing by Volume

With WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin, you can also sell volume based products on your e-store by using WooCommerce pricing calculator plugin. For example, you can sell petrol in liters, garden mulch in cu. yd, diesel by gal etc. This plugin includes various units’ types to sell products by volume such as ml, l, cu m, cup, pt, qt, gal, fl. oz, cu. in, cu. ft, and cu. yd. For cubic yard you can ask customers to provide 3 dimensions (length, width and height) and single dimension (cu. yd) as well.

Product Pricing by Box

WooCommerce price calculator plugin also allows you to set product pricing by box such as you can sell the box of tiles on your e-store. You can set total area covering by each box and it displays the total price and no. of boxes on the product page when customers specify the length and width they needed.

Supports Product Variations

WooCommerce pricing calculator also works with product variations such as tiles of different colors. You can set the separate price for each products variation and it will display the price accordingly.

Displays Pricing Table in a Separate Tab

WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin also shows the pricing table in a separate tab on products pages. Customers can see the price per unit and sale price for various measurement ranges. For example price of rice per KG is $100, if a customer buys 5 to 10 KG then he will get the 10$ discount per KG. You can create the measurement price ranges for any product from the admin panel.

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