WooCommerce My Account Page Plugin, Customize Customer Account Page


Main Features

WooCommerce my account page plugin helps your personalize user accounts of your online store for better usability and conversions. It allows you to create endpoints for displaying products, categories, and links to deals and discounts in user accounts. You can add endpoints specific to user roles for retargeting the customers with intriguing deals. Add and format content in each endpoint, or club multiple endpoints into one. Try multiple layouts for ‘My Account’ page.

Personalize my Account pages of your store

Create user-specific endpoints for content

Use endpoints to add links and store pages

Add text and format it with advanced editor

Show Multiple endpoints as a group

Try different layouts for ‘My Account’ page

Make Extensive Changes to ‘My Account’ Page

Upgrade the conventional design and layout of ‘My Account’ page to an innovative and appealing one. WooCommerce customize my account page plugin gives you multiple customization options to fascinate the visitors with better user experience.

Add General and User-Specific Endpoints

With the help of WooCommerce My account page plugin, you can create numerous endpoints for adding more content to user accounts. Add general or user-role specific endpoints.

Show Additional Pages on My Account page

You can display additional pages of your online store in user accounts with the help of endpoints. Let the users access other pages right from their accounts.

Use WYSIWYG Editor for Adding and Formatting text

WooCommerce customize my account page plugin has an advanced WYSIWYG editor that helps you compose and format intriguing content for the endpoints you aim to display on my account page.

Show Multiple Endpoints as One

To save time and show similar endpoints in a tab, you can combine them to an option. The users can click to view more options in their accounts.

Try Different Layouts for ‘My Account’ page

Custom my account for WooCommerce plugin boasts three different layouts to select and personalize ‘My Account’ page. Select either the sidebar left, sidebar right, or tab layout.

Add Links To My Account Page

Promote your deals and discounts by adding links to those pages in the ‘My Account’ pages. Let the customers explore more about your store or external resources.

Customize the Default Endpoints

You can continue editing and customize the default endpoints of users’ my account page. It includes address, orders, and dashboard.

Use Icons Relevant to an Endpoint

Utilize a collective of attractive icons for the endpoints you create to communicate its meaning and purpose at a glance.

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