WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin with Bulk Discounts


Main Features

Create product bundles to increase your store revenues with the help of WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin. It helps you create a set of physical or downloadable products to attract customers to buy them all at once. You can add simple or a variation of products to a bundle. You can set bundle prices as fixed or based on the products you include. Mark the bundled products as optional to purchase. Set quantity of each product in a bundle. Download WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

Create Product Bundles to Increase Sales​

Bundle up Physical or Downloadable Products​

Create a bunch of Simple or Variable Products​

Configure Fixed or Product Based Bundle Pricing​

Set a Quantity for each bundled item​

Show or Hide a Product in Bundle​

Mark the Product Purchase Optional in a Bundle​

Shipping Support Included​

Create Attractive Product Bundles to Sell More Items

WooCommerce Product Bundles plug-in allows you to create product bundles of various store items to increase overall sales. Creating a set of products attract customers to purchase the bundle at once and avail a special offer. This ultimately increases your store revenues without putting extra effort into marketing.

Combine Physical or Downloadable Products in Bundles

You can create a deal of physical as well as downloadable products on your eCommerce website to assist customers in buying most of the items in a transaction. It is equally suitable for combining tangible as well as intangible products. For example, you can bundle up a series of designer shirts or create a collection of eBooks by a specific writer, publisher, or genre.

Exhibit a collection of Simple or Variable Products

With WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin, you can exhibit simple products in a deal or exhibit a product with its variation in style, color, or design. Have the freedom of selling products in a group according to consumer preferences.

Set a Fixed Bundle Price or Let the Plugin Calculate

You can set a fixed price or let the plugin calculate a bundle price on the basis of products you add. By setting a fixed price, you can offer a bulk discount that attracts customers and increases conversions. Whereas, the product based pricing increases store revenues.

Mark the Bundled Products an Optional Purchase

Store items in bundles are mandatory to purchase, whereas you can mark some or all of them optional to purchase for the potential customers. Let the customers decide a combination of products they need in a bundle or not.

Set Product Quantity in the Bundles

You can enter the quantity of each product that you add to the bundle to sell store items in bulk. It allows a merchant to create a bundle with a higher quantity of products to sell more items with less effort. Attract your customers to place a single order rather than multiple orders.

Personalize the Display of Bundled Products

WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin helps you add custom titles and descriptions to each product while forming a bundle. You can write a catchy title and a persuasive description to have your marketing benefits.

Product Bundles Displays in List or Grid View

WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin facilitate the users of your eCommerce website to view the bundled products either in a list or grid. They can change the view according to their ease.

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