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Main Features of Our Services:
  • Dynamic and User-friendly Plugins
  • Secure and Error-free Plugins
  • Compatibility with the Latest versions
  • Client Time-Zone Aligned Work hours
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

Extendons, a Signature Mark of Superior Quality

A dedicated WooCommerce Development Agency, Extendons is your one-stop shop for WooCommerce store and plugin development services. As a veteran agency, we provide complete set of solutions to cover all aspects of your online business, providing services that perfectly align with your brand goals and budget. This helps you build an impregnable corporate identity that cultivates higher revenues in faster time-lines.

WooCommerce Store Development

Every online merchant wants a store that looks amazing but can run on heavy loads without breaking a sweat. While offering the most competitive packages, we also make sure so your WooCommerce store remains robust with performance, enjoys full-featured options and runs 95% faster than other stores.

We know that each brand is unique, meaning a solution that may work well for one may not yield the same results for the other. We understand this all too well and offer requirement based customization through top of the line store development complimented by plugin integration so everything from design, navigation and content, to checkout variables and payment gateways work flawlessly and agelessly.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

At Extendons we develop innovative plugins, artistic themes, feature rich applications, all that can be tailored to your specific requirements. WooCommerce comes with plenty of action hooks, filters, template files and “template functions” that allow various customizations. When developing a plugin for your specific needswe cleanly separate and keep track of our custom code, which renders WooCommerce upgrades into a painless process. With custom plugin development you can enhance the functionality and behavior of your WooCommerce store.

From the concept modeling and first line of code, to implementation and taking it live, all our plugin development stages are carefully executed, infusing all your specific requirements and shaping a solution that outperforms, never ages and functions exclusive to your needs. Aside from custom development, we also take pride in buildingan impressive portfolio of plugins and custom themes for WooCommerce.

Why Choose Extendons?

  • Free trial versions and consultancy for sampling our services

  • Complete customer satisfaction or money back guarantee

  • Veteran development company adhering to strict quality protocols

  • Dedicated team of developers specializing in a vast sphere WooCommerce services

  • Modifications and refactoring to existing sites and transparent migration process

  • Specialized WooCommerce services for every sub-niche

  • Help, support and maintenance services which never experience downtime

Best Pricing

This is one of our key propositions because you get more in lesser you spend. All Our price models are competitively structured to accommodate the best development services and produce practical and worthwhile solutions for your business. Our service and engagement procedures are exclusively designed on customizable full-time, part-time and hourly work metrics, so you hire our WooCommerce services based on your precise project needs.

Post Setup Support

Encountering bugs and compatibility glitches following deployment is inescapable. This is a common issue since live environments entail elements that contrast environments where the system is staged. We utilize vetted WooCommerce Development strategies and task our most accomplished developers so fix problems from every nature, size and complexity with 24/7/365 debugging, maintenance and support services. Whether its plugin malfunction, site speed issue, a mobile-responsive task or a payment gateway modification, we will be always there for you.

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